Are you asking yourself about what should you do in Krakow, when in Poland? Maybe you are even wondering whether or not you should visit this place at all. The obvious answer is yes. You won’t have that kind of cultural mixture in many other places. Not only in this country, but in Europe in general.

First of all there are plenty of monuments and sights here. Starting with the very old churches of different eras, through the famous polish and foreign restaurant (including one related to the famous feast from 14th century) to the royal castle – Wawel. Krakow is surely a place of many activities and you would probably need at least a week to see most interesting things.

Outskirts are beautiful here. Southern Poland tends to be full of colors in every part of the year. There are beautiful water reservoirs around the place, small residences and castles with plenty of paths to explore.

During nighttime you can take advantage of one of the biggest clubs base in the middle-east Europe. Szewska street alone is crawled with students and young tourists by night. And those are not only dance clubs. You can spend your time on many unique activities. For example Bad Axe club is a place where you can try the sport of Vikings themselves. This lately fashionable activity will leave you wanting more or even make it a regular hobby. Why? It is simple, it is fun. You can bring your own beer and the tracks are exclusive for the reservations. This combination is simply all you want and on top of that it is simply cheap. And you can find much more to do, just by exploring secrets of Krakow by yourself.

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